On 4-5 October, over 150 participants representing 92 organisations from 26 countries gathered in the beautiful CaixaForum in Barcelona for the 2nd CodeMob multiplier event. The event entitled ‘Digital Skills for Social Innovation’ was hosted by El Teb, in collaboration with Telecentre-Europe, the Generalitat de Catalunya and Esplai Foundation. It was further supported (financially or in-kind) by laCaixa Foundation, City Council of Barcelona, GSMA Mobile World Capital, HP, and Telapolis.


We would like to share with you a final Toolkit of the CodeMob project, which is aimed at teaching coding and the effective use of mobile devices in telecentres. This Toolkit presents the two training curricula, introduces the online learning platform, and also gives practical tips on how to implement such training programmes in telecentres or other digital training centres. 

Following the final event of the project in ALL DIGITAL Summit in Barcelona, CodeMob final partners meeting took place in Barcelona on 6th of October. The partners have successfully organized the final conference, while participants’ feedback was positive.

During the meeting, the project partners had an overview of the project and agreed on the next steps until the end of it, including:

Expert Associates of the Culture Center Tresnjevka have been involved in education through CodeMob piloting. With this step, Telecentar, with its partners in the city of Zagreb, firstly needed the training and raising of digital competences of employees and associates in culture.


The project approach and the great efforts of professional associates have successfully set the groundwork for some future education programs for the general public as well as focused education for the professional collaborators in culture.

In cooperation with the School of Graphics, Design and Media Production, from February to June, Telecentar successfully conducted piloting of the CodeMob program among students of the secondary vocational school in Zagreb. We should be emphasized that the entire program of CodeMob included the students of the profession  -  web designer.

This year the ALL DIGITAL Summit in Barcelona (4-5 October) will serve as the final event of the CodeMob project. We are going to present the project results in four ways:

  1. The CodeMob project will be presented at the project lightning talks

  2. A short film summarizing the CodeMob experience will be revealed at plenary session

  3. A panel discussion will be organised about innovative learning approaches in telecentres such as coding for inclusion and the effective use of mobile devices

The existing diversity among participants in the e-facilitators training period has led to the same degree of diversification when the project has been implemented in close contact with its participants.

As I mentioned in my previous report, I followed the „Rovinj-training” and fortunately the participants were very clever. So, on the first day we could discuss the javascript and the elements of the Guessing game then they could write the most of the program. Firstly, I introduced the javascrpt, then explained the difference between „spagetti”, modular and object programming – with some history. Then we made the flowchart and object-module chart of the program – just to see the difference. Then the participants worked in pairs.

The CodeMob project tested in Belgium: two modules revealing talents!


The first session was on the coding part. Fifteen trainees got to know the programming. This introduction to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has left no one indifferent. Between discovery, excitement and nerve-racking, all managed to realize a game (which works!)


After an approach of the algorithmic, the trainees were initiated to the bases of the languages ​​HTML5 & CSS3.


Have you seen the version in Spanish and Catalan of the curriculum of Programming for end users? Available here!

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