CodeMob : pilot training in Belgium

Julie Moors

The CodeMob project tested in Belgium: two modules revealing talents!


The first session was on the coding part. Fifteen trainees got to know the programming. This introduction to HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript has left no one indifferent. Between discovery, excitement and nerve-racking, all managed to realize a game (which works!)


After an approach of the algorithmic, the trainees were initiated to the bases of the languages ​​HTML5 & CSS3.

Following a few lessons of JavaScript, we formed teams of two. The rules were simple: to create, on the one hand, a guessing game in JS (with variables, random and other loops) and, on the other hand, to apply a personalized design, with total freedom.


All have embarked on beautiful ideas with a bluffing end result. The formula "duo" took, as did the blended method: the presence of a trainer (David, co-author of the curriculum) and the astronomical quantity of online resources made these two weeks a real success.


The second part, Mobile, was somewhat different. Shorter, more "accessible". Nicolas, present in Croatia, and Antoine (expert Multimedia) gave a lecture wihtout hesitating to vary the supports.

After a more theoretical part, the 11 trainees tested their knowledge in a playful way. Kahoot, but also Plickers (another quiz application via QR code), animated this course of professional use of mobile devices.


Two really different pilot phases, both successful. Most of the trainees who participated in the "code" module also embarked on a qualifying Front-end Developer training.