Second and third day – Codemob coding training, Erdőkertes

Foundation for Community Network

As I mentioned in my previous report, I followed the „Rovinj-training” and fortunately the participants were very clever. So, on the first day we could discuss the javascript and the elements of the Guessing game then they could write the most of the program. Firstly, I introduced the javascrpt, then explained the difference between „spagetti”, modular and object programming – with some history. Then we made the flowchart and object-module chart of the program – just to see the difference. Then the participants worked in pairs. They were said to take the task into small parts and follow a step by step approach: to begin with the algorithm followed by generating the random number and finally making the design. Everybody could finish the algorithm part (the core of the program), the random number and the design remained for home.

For the quest of the participants (and because we could finish the html, css and js part in two days), in the remaining four hours, we began to deal with AppInventor. After finishing TalkToMe, BallGame and the other apps specially for beginners, we finished another sample app: Paris Guide. On this basis, the participants were advised to write similar guiding apps for their own hometowns or villages.

Some of the participants took part in the hobby robot-programming club of the Cultural House and made a self.driving vehicle – among other things. One of them made an Appinventor program but he could not finish what he wanted. During the training, he could correct the app which was navigating his robot with voice instructions: forward, backword, stop, left, right.

But the course we haven’t finished yet. There is an online part which is still in progress. To tell the truth, it is very difficult to get them sticked to the computer and improving their coding skills as there’s almost 40 degrees and we have no Adria and Rovinj. But we uploaded some interesting tasks to the opigno codemob platform and we will ask them to have their creative skills to make programs and apps- E.g. the participants were advised to write guiding apps for their own hometowns or villages – similar to the Paris Guide.

It was a pleasure for me to spend this time with these young guys and I hope, even if they don’t want to be programmers, they became more IT-literate – and we had a very good time together.

Carmen Malya
Codemob trainer