The training course in Rovinj was really successful!

Face to Face training
Esther Subias

E-facilitators coming from Hungary, Croatia, Belgium and Spain have met in Rovinj (Croatia) to participate in a specialized training, addressed to their professional profile. The participants took courses in a face-to-face training and had the opportunity to explore the new curriculum designed by  Interface3 , COMMET , Telecentar and El Teb (members of Telecentre Europe) along with the University of Dortmund.

This new curriculum introduces  two new subjects in telecentres:

  • Coding

  • The effective use of mobile devices in the education.

One of the stages of the project is a B-learning experience, with a group of facilitators from the participating countries. The face-to-face training has been sucessful thanks to Interface3, which has been responsible for the coding program, and El Teb, who has developed the training on M-learning.

All people involved (trainers and participants) have shared their experiences and ideas so they can be incorporated into the curriculum. This will optimize the result, no doubt about it.

The following step is the on-line training, which is currently going on.

The expected outcome of CODEMOB is not just a group of trained people but a set of materials, tested and improved by experts, wich will be published and made ​​available to the group of telecentre networks around Europe, so they can introduce them and improve the digital skills of citizens.

CODEMOB is funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.