EUROSTAT reaffirms the increasing importance of mobile devices

Ariadna Rissola

One of the latest news release of Eurostat (the statistical office of the European Union) points out that last year mobile devices became the devices most used to surf the Internet in almost every EU member state, instead of laptops or desk computers.

Indeed, according to the data, almost 8 out of 10 internet users in the EU surfed the internet through their mobile phones or smartphones and almost half of them did it via tablets. This trend is even more significant among youngsters between 16 and 34 years-old, who reach a share of 94% of internet use via smartphones.

These data are very relevant, because we use internet to search for information, to interact with people, to network, to find activities or opportunities near us… we use it for almost everything. As people are mainly doing all these activities though their mobile devices, knowing how to use them effectively can greatly boost social skills and connectivity, as well as general digital competences (for example, to improve productivity or protect personal data).

CodeMob partners think all of the mentioned ones are skills that can empower people in today’s digital society and are highly valued in labour market. This is the reason why we believe in the importance of training not only in coding but also in the efficient use of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to increase people’s employability, especially for youngsters, as they are the ones that use them the most according to EUROSTAT.

You can read the full EUROSTAT press release here.