CodeMob pilot training in Hungary

Henriett Hangodi

21st May, 2017. - Day 1

   On the first day of the training, I planned to fulfil the first task of the „Rovinj training”:

- writing a simple html file with pictures and references;

-  explaining and experimenting with different formatting features;

- and finally explaining and making a css file.

   Fortunately, the people of the group have a good knowledge of the basics of computers and internet. Some of them studied some programming languages at school (in Hungary, it is Pascal in most schools) but the html and css were new for them, neither of them have written an html file before.

   During teaching, the css I followed is the following approach: firstly, all of the formatting elements were written in the html file, then I asked them to remove all these formatting elements from the html and put them into the css file to see the difference between the two methods.

   During the course, I showed them some of the best tutorials available on the internet. Some tasks were solved by them individually with the help of these tutorials.  All the participants could fulfil the task of writing a simple webpage with a text, header (or headers), picture and reference chosen by them individually.

   As they coped with the tasks very easily, there were some time for storytelling, to explain what html is, how and why it was created by Tim Berners-Lee, what www (World Wide Web) is and how it succeeded against Gopher.

The next training days are going to be this weekend (3-4th June). We are looking forward to it.

Carmen Malya