E-facilitators curriculum's first draft is ready!

E-Facilitators: Effective use of mobile devices
Esther Subias

The first draft of the e-facilitators curriculum is ready.

Our aim is to approach the world of mobile learning through the exploration of certain open and collaborative methodologies on the one hand and through the analysis and implementation of the Common Framework for Digital Competence (DigComp) on the other, in order to improve the target group's digital competences.

In this document, we explore the following methodologies, which will be presented in a concise format to facilitate its use:

  • Gamification (incorporation of game elements to teaching-learning processes)
  • Problem Based Learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Project Based Learning, very similar to the Problem Based Learning, but with a different starting point.

And the following competence areas of the DigComp which we will break down in an appropriate way:

  1. Information and data literacy
  2. Communication and collaboration
  3. Digital content creation
  4. Safety
  5. Problem solving

The training action, addressed to e-facilitators and digital teachers, will have a very practical approach (the methodologies applied are the same that the ones explained). Along this action, students will be at the centre of the formative space, creators of educative material and designers of teaching-learning dynamics.

From now on, thank you all for your future contributions to this experience!

You can also check the digital presentations we have prepared to run the course in this space.