Currently, the e-facilitators involved in the project are delving into the training courses on the effective use of mobile technologies to increase productivity. The second part of the blended courses is being carried out online, thanks to the Opigno platform based on Drupal technology. Within the course, different innovative training methodologies are being used, such as gamification, flipped classroom, challenge-based learning or problem-based learning. 

Face to Face training

E-facilitators coming from different countries have met in Rovinj, to study a specialized training, addressed to this professional profile. Thus, participants from Hungary, Croatia, Belgium and Spain were taking classes in a face-to-face training about coding and the effective use of mobile devices.

CODEMOB is a European project that will offer free training for young people on programming and the effective use of mobile devices, which are key digital skills for the future.

CodeMob is a project designed to improve the acquisition of key digital skills in the context of ICT telecentres. This objective is twofold: firstly, we would like to develop the digital skills of unemployed young people, through introductory courses on programming and innovative mobile devices. Moreover, our aim is to improve the skills of facilitators, trainers and facilitators through specific training of trainers.

Four members of Telecentre-Europe: Interface3 , COMMET, Telecenter and El Teb, along with Telecentre-Europe and the University of Dortmund have already started to develop the curricula to provide training on Coding and The Effective use of mobile devices in education, with the support of the European Comission.