CodeMob validation workshop was really successful!

Peter Palvolgyi

All the participants attended with particular interest the “Teaching coding and effective use of mobile devices in telecentres” international validation workshop on 10th of March at venue De Markten and furthermore, all the presentations by the partners of the CodeMob project.

The event started with an introduction to CodeMob by Bastian Pelka and Jennifer Eckhart (Technical University of Dortmund). The first presentation has been followed up by the presentations about the coding course by Julie Moors (Interface 3) and Danijel Borna Fiket (Telecentar) and the one on the mobile course provided by Esther Subias (El teb) and Henriett Hangodi  (ComNet).

The followed discussion after the presentations was very fruitful.

Main Questions

• What is your impression concerning the usability of the presented curricula in your everyday work?

• Do you think the curricula are transferable in different contexts?

• What do you think: how is it possible to further exploit the existing curricula amongst European e-facilitator?

The participants’ questions and comments had to do about the e- Facilitators’ training and material, general clarifications about the process, example of exercises to students or e-Facilitators and how this projects or another project is possible to involve elderly.

Partners and Participants really enjoyed themselves in this international workshop and agreed that was a great experience.

See you at the Final Code Mob Conference in Barcelona on 4-5 October!