Smart phone + coding in an easy way - Rovinj, Croatia. Well, is it possible to study in a place like this?

Henriett Hangodi

It is possible!  Just like our team with 5 participants from Hungary who attended the e-facilitator training of Telecentre Europe and the CODEMOB project last September where we could learn about coding by learning by doing method and in different team compositions. We found a lot of good ideas about what the smartphones can be used for.

As the facilitator designation implies, we have not only studied during this time, but we have also learned how we can deliver these skills, and we hope, we will do it in the near future. Before everyone starts to worry about the word „study”, we can calm down everybody: we turned the „classroom” upside-down and we will transfer what we learned like this:

The project aims to teach young (but not only young) people how to use their smartphones in new ways beside acquiring some coding knowledge, thus, later they will be able to have better chances in the labour market. Isn't it a too ambitious goal in such a short course like this? Somebody will not become necessarily a computer programmer after coding a simple numerical - guessing game program. So, isn't it enough if someone uses his/her mobile only for calls, Facebook or just playing?

No, this program is not designed to create programmers. Maybe, I could compare this type of digital literacy to the ordinary language skills. Many people speak different languages but not everybody becomes an interpreter or translator but that is not the goal of the project. We have much better chances and possibilities and we are more skilful with better language knowledge or digital literacy skills.

The Hungarian team really enjoyed themselves in this international, Spanish- Croatian- Hungarian and Belgian team (there was also a Congolese participant who thought us dancing). And though we cannot bring the beach here, we would like to deliver our acquired knowledge and experiences.

Carmen Malya

e-facilitator from Hungary