Emília Kósa


I am Emilia Kosa from Hungary. I studied information & library science and worked at Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged between 2006-2011 as a librarian. I lived for 2 years in England and tried myself in the hospitality. After that, I work at Institute of Informatics in Szeged again.

Next to my proper job, I work as a volunteer for different community networks and foundations. My principle is to find the bridge between the new and old generation and also between the nature and the digital life. I think, we always learn from everyone, the old people could have more experience and be a mentor; the youngsters could have brilliant ideas and enthusiasm. Because I work at Informatics, I exactly know the digital life is always in change. What we learn today as a new software or application, it could be the past few months later. Sometimes it is not easy to follow these dynamic developments, but if we would like to understand the youngsters, we have to try it.

My goal is to help the young people to find their place in the world, live their dreams meanwhile use the mobile devices and coding.

The international training was a positive surprise for me. Different people from different place, but the purpose is same: improve ourselves to offer the best. And when different cultures meet together then we have some experience about our thinking is same, our creativity is limitless. So I am absolutely grateful to be there.

“The knowledge is power.”

-- F. Bacon --

Gábor Betyár




Én egy nem éppen sztereotípikus programozó, informatikus vagyok, akit csak a kódolás érdekel. A munkám egyben a hobbim (sok egyéb más mellett…) is, ezért vállalkozóként webfejlesztéssel foglalkozok, továbbá különböző technikai újdonságokkal ismerkedek.

Így kerültem kapcsolatba a CodeMobbal is, hiszen az okostelefonos képzés végfelhasználói tananyagát én írtam. A helyi Teleházat több éve segítem szakmai tudásommal (adatbázis készítés, webfejlesztés, oktatás, tananyagírás, képzés előkészítés, project megvalósítás). Sokat tanultam a nemzetközi csapattagoktól Rovinjban, így például egészen más, sokkal hatékonyabb metodikával tudok immáron oktatni is.

A fő motivációm, hogy a frontális oktatási módszertantól hatékonyabb oktatási típusokat ismerhessek meg. Szerettem volna bepillantást nyerni, más országok képviselőinek (e-facilitátorok) nézőpontjaiba, hogy azok mennyiben egyeznek vagy éppen különböznek a sajátoméhoz képest. A diákok a kódolás alapjaival, illetves a hatékony, biztonságos okostelefon használattal bővíthetik tudásukat. A Teleházas képzéseken és az egyetemi (SZTE-TTI) oktatáson tapasztaltak egy részét sikeresen átültettem a “face-to-face” képzésre.

Remélem hamarosan újra lehetőség nyílik a találkozásra (talán Barcelonában? J) az e-facilitátorokkal, ahol megoszthatjuk az elmúlt időben a             projekt kapcsán szerzett tapasztalatokat.

Julie Moors


I am Julie Moors, trainer and training coordinator at Interface3.

Interface3 offers 11 long vocational trainings leading to qualification in IT jobs in which women are under-represented (Network Manager, Web application Developer, Game Developer, etc.). As a member of Telecentre Europe, we are used to work with other telecentres on different European projects.

I have developed the coding curriculum for end-users.

The objective of this course is to allow the unemployed young people to understand the fundamental principles of programming and motivate them to follow more advanced training that will allow them to use their skills in a professional context.

This curriculum was experimented during the face-to-face training, in Croatia. A great experience in a beautiful place: the best way to learn and share ideas, good practices and methodologiesTaking part in such a project is challenging and, even if is a lot of work (and time), it is humanly and professionally rich. And this matters! 

María Jesús Lobato Cucurull.


Hi, my name is María Jesús and I come from Spain, exactly of a small village of Cantabria, Santoña. Cantabria is a region of the North of Spain. My village is a peninsula, the sea is part of our lives. A lot of people work in activities around the sea (fishing, fishing industry …), and this work is no so much technical, but it's a seasonal job and very hard.

I’m working in Telecentre for more than twelve years. The Telecentre of Santoña is part of Cantabria Si, a telecentres’ network. My day to day is teaching and helping to use everything about Internet, mobile, tablets and everything about ICT. In summer I work with young people to teache the beginning of technical skill (word, power-point …) the thing that they need to make homework to the school.

When I read about Codemob I thing that Santoña’s guys can participate and learn a lot because in Santoña is a very important group of guys that stop studying so early, and they don’t have enough skills to get a job. Then it was a reason that make me to collaborate an d participate with that project, to increase training and digital, personal and technical skills for the young people of Santoña.

The face-to-face international training was very interesting and so rich, because the experiences of the group are interesting to apply of my day-to-       day work.

Mario Sever


Mario Sever, profesor u Školi za grafiku, dizajn i medijsku produkciju


Diplomirao informatiku na Tehničkom veleučilištu u Zagrebu. Od 2015. godine radim kao nastavnik u

Školi za grafiku, dizajn i medijsku produkciju. Predajem strukovne predmete iz područja web dizajna i


Quentin Garchi


Thanks to Interface3, I had the chance to complete their team in the codemob experience. As a media trainer, I am working in a telecenter called "Atelier du web" since 2010, in Brussels. Our telecenter is located in the artistic neighborhood of the town, where all kind of people are meeting and mixing. Our policies are to make a different approach in the digital inclusion by giving shorts and thematics workshops that aims the very needs of our publics. From the very basic knowledge to website development passing by graphic design on most platforms.

CODEMOB has been a fantastic experience. First, because it was a unique opportunity to meet international colleagues, where the sharing aspect has been more productive than what I thought. Then, because of what this wonderful platform brought and will bring to us: and endless support and inspiration for creative workshops. On the personnal aspect, I have to admit that the use of mobile device in education has never been in my mind, so it was the perfect introduction and opportunity to develop workshop's ideas in this amaising location. Rovinj and the croatian team that have welcomed us, fully managed to put us in the best atmosphere possible to fulfill our missions. Thank you; I look forward to work together soon. It was a great job !